OCTOBER, 1943                                                  

In a research facility hidden deep in an Austrian forest,Nazi scientists have developed a chemical agent capable of bringing the dead back to life. The Third Reich, desperate for such a weapon, pour money and resources into the top-secret project called, "Darklight."  The professor leading the research fails to inform the Nazi hierarchy that the formula is unstable and needs more work; test subjects are unruly, violent, and uncontrollable. Nearly every one of them must eventually be "re-killed."  Meanwhile, a German officer, fearing that such experiments could endanger not only The Fatherland, but the rest of the world, makes contact with Allied Forces in an attempt to put an end to the project before the chemical agent can be introduced in battle.

With barely any preparation or gathered intelligence, The Allies are forced to hastily dispatch a special, hand-selected commando team in a daring attempt to infiltrate and destroy the laboratory, and to collect any information regarding the Darklight Project.  After a near-disastrous nighttime parachute jump, the commandos reassemble and take out the perimeter guards smoothly, and with little trouble.  Upon seeing that the research experiments are being conducted in a huge, castle-like structure, and with guards seemingly posted everywhere, the soldiers realize that they are most certainly involved in a suicide mission.

Vowing that they must succeed no matter what the cost, and aided by the light of a full moon, they make their way into the complex.  Once inside, and relying on every stealth and hand-to hand skill the possess, they make their way to the basement of the castle where the laboratory and holding pens for the test subjects are located.  A guard alerted to their presence, sounds an alarm, and a devastating firefight ensues, leaving heavy casualties on both sides.  Hopelessly outnumbered, the commandoes fall in battle and are taken to the lab.

Since his last series of experiments, the professor leading the research has advanced a new theory concerning the application of the reanimation chemical.  So far, using it on dead tissue causes the subject to regain consciousness, and then to go mad with bloodlust, while similar results occur when tested on live, healthy individuals; the chemical kills the specimen, then reanimates the body in a matter of moments.  With a batch of new subjects on the brink of death, he now has the chance to implement his theory: introduce the chemical to a human being just as the spark of life extinguishes.

The new procedure works perfectly.  The soldiers are now caught somewhere in a zone between life and death, a gray area where the bloodlust remains, but brain function and reasoning power still exist.  Vowing to kill the scientist, one of the fallen men, Davidson, rips the unsuspecting doctor's throat out when he foolishly leans in too close to examine the reanimated soldier.  Realizing that this research is far too dangerous to hand over to any military or government, Davidson releases the remaining members of his squad, particularly demolitions experts Graves and Wolf, tactical and hand-to hand expert, Blak, and enigmatic sharp-shooters Skel and the myseriously named, "Menace," and the undead soldiers ransack the lab, burning and destroying the Nazi doctor's records in the process.

After The Darklight mission, the half-life heroes wander aimlessly for years before eventually deciding to search out other "inhumans" like themselves.  Their music is a call to others like themselves, others who are different, who are lost.  A message that says, "you are not alone..."